Hundreds of thousands of military men and women are returning from the battlefield with severe injuries, some visible, others not. As highlighted in a 60 Minutes piece last Sunday, medical facilities to meet their needs are woefully inadequate.

Of particular concern are those returning with unseeable injuries, those who are suffering from repeated concussions and post-traumatic stress disorder. Though you can't see them, these injuries can be just as crippling as a missing limb.

The military is slow at gearing up to meet the needs of those who answered their country's call to put themselves in harm's way for her sake, for our sake. There is no excuse for this failure.

As we hear again and again about the great many ways in which our government wastes our taxdollars, we should remember upon whom these dollars should be spent.

Perhaps 'out of sight, out of mind' holds true here. But our ignorance of the needs of our military men and women is unforgivable. They should be first on the list, not abandoned now that their service to us is done.