I took an oath on April 26, 2010, when I was first elected by you as treasurer for the town of Ayer. The duties of treasurer are largely governed by statute, no matter who holds the position. They are wide ranging, and are not the same from day to day. With these duties comes great responsibility so that the interest of the town can be met each day. I have worked with that responsibility always in my mind because I did not ever want to fail you.

I have great respect for the position and take pride in serving my community. I've dedicated myself to do the best job that I can and am motivated by that responsibility that I have been given. I am grateful to you all for your support these last three years and hope to retain that support for another term.

As a separately elected official, I do not come to you with any ulterior motives or my own certain agenda. I come to you honestly, in truth and with integrity. It is my policy to never attack anyone personally. Negative campaigning, I believe, is counter-productive to the work that we all have to do.

Ayer is a good town. I have enjoyed working here for a combined 10-plus years. We need to think beyond the negative campaigning, past the politics, to all work together cohesively to get the job done. A vote for me is a vote for our independence.