It is my pleasure to write this letter of support for Jane Morriss' candidacy for the Ayer Board of Selectmen. Jane worked for me as my Legislative Assistant from December 2008 until February 2010, when she left to seek the Democratic nomination for state representative.

Jane served in the capacity as legislative assistant with enthusiasm and dedication. Whatever the task, particularly communicating with constituents, legislators, and/or the towns in the First Middlesex District, she did so as instructed and with ease. She also would take the initiative to contact any of the above as needed when I was unavailable.

Jane is a bright individual with much energy and enthusiasm. She brightens up any room she enters with a smile and friendly demeanor.

One thing any employee learns working for a legislator is to return constituent calls promptly. Jane learned this early on, and did a yeoman's job with constituent services.

I have no reservations about recommending Jane Morriss for a seat on the Ayer Board of Selectmen. She is a doer and will add a smiling face as she approaches the work entailed with the position.


State Representative (ret.)