My family has been in Pepperell since 1998. During that time, our community and the rest of the nation has experienced the tech bubble, the economic and national security challenges that followed 9/11, and the most recent financial crisis. It's the resilience our community has displayed throughout good times and bad that has made me proud to be a resident.

Pepperell is at a critical juncture. Many are calling for our leadership to take measures that ensure we will continue to enjoy a great quality of life here as a family-friendly community; others are calling for additional measures to make Pepperell a more business-friendly community. I firmly believe we can do both in a manner that benefits existing and future residents and businesses alike.

I bring a variety of experience and perspectives to this position. I am a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. In my current position as a senior management consultant at Hanscom Air Force Base, I support the Air Force in navigating the highly complex regulatory environment associated with delivering information technology to our warfighters. In doing so, I ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are identified and addressed. I also have extensive experience in strategic planning. I look forward to supporting the development of Pepperell's next Comprehensive Plan in partnership with our community leadership.

I would greatly appreciate your vote on April 30.