My name is Gary Luca and I am running for the position of Ayer treasurer. Three times since 2006, you, the taxpayers of Ayer, have elected me as selectman and entrusted me to be part of a team that has effectively managed Ayer in your behalf. Now I would like to continue that management on a different level as your treasurer.

The position of treasurer is as important as any other elected or appointed position in town regarding the financial disposition of your hard earned money. In the most recent past, there has come a realization that a change is necessary in the treasurer's office, and I believe that by electing me, there will be a positive transformation for the taxpayer's of Ayer regarding the financial management component of town business.

In addition to selectman, I have been an employee of the United States Postal Service and have served the public for nearly 25 years. I have managed operations as large as 125 employees to 15 employees in Ayer, where I have been the postmaster for the last four years. Throughout my management years, I have demonstrated the ability to effectively manage an operation to a high level of effectiveness. As postmaster, I have financial responsibilities that parallel that of a treasurer. I am proud of the advanced performance that I have attained as a postmaster. I believe that I have acquired the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities considered compulsory to not only help manage Ayer as I have in the most recent past to the present as selectman but also into the future, notwithstanding a pronounced improvement to the position of Ayer's treasurer.


I will bring stability and integrity back to the treasurer's office that has been sorely lacking. I will manage the financial aspects of the town to ensure your money is handled in a way that's accountable to you, the taxpayer. I will be responsible in the position and treat it with the respect that's a requisite and remind the public that they put me there and it's a privilege to serve them and not a right. I will be accountable for protecting funds and not putting nearly $5 million at risk by not insuring or collateralizing those funds. I will invest your money wisely and will manage the current and former employee programs that are entrusted to the position. I will deposit funds daily and not weekly as it is presently done. I will bring the position of treasurer back to its former stature, when it was appropriately managed by some great public servants.

As I have in the past, and you have graciously acknowledged, I ask you for your support on April 30 by casting a vote for Gary Luca as treasurer of Ayer. I may be the last name on the ballot, but I am first as an individual you can trust to ensure proper disposition of your hard earned money.