I am writing this letter in support of the candidacy of Bob Prescott for selectman in Shirley I have know Bob for a good number of years. He is a person of honesty, integrity and vision. He will bring to this job a fresh outlook, which is so necessary for our town.

I worked with Bob on the Shirley School Committee. His leadership was critical during a very difficult time. Because of serious money concerns, programs were being dropped and class sizes were increasing. Parents were moving their children to other local schools where desired programs remaining in place. Our Devens representative on the school committee offered serious concerns about our finances and our loss of programs.

We lost the Devens contract because of our school financial difficulties and the resulting loss of programs and staff. When MassDevelopment opened that contract, we actually under Harvard for the Devens students. It was decided by MassDevelopment to stay with the Harvard School District.

Bob Prescott will bring valuable experience to the Board of Selectmen. His experience on the Shirley School Committee and the Ayer-Shirley Regional School Committee will be crucial to the budget process. He will bring insight that other selectmen do not have. He will also bring the same degree of caring to the community as a whole that he did to the schools.

In many communities, school committee members eventually become selectmen.


This is a natural step. I have rarely heard the concerned expressed "that you should not elect a school person." That makes no sense. I am sure that Bob Prescott will support all town services and departments.

Please join me in supporting Bob Prescott as our next Shirley selectman.