I respectfully ask for your support on April 30th. Our Town faces many issues in these difficult times. Waiting year after year and hoping the problems will go away doesn't work.

If elected, I will look to hire a strong financial Town Administrator and review the Department of Revenue Report. I will work to implement as many of the State's suggestions for improving our government operations. I will look to see a tri-board formed for the budget process to begin to see what we can improve on or regionalize to become more efficient.

Looking long term, I want to expand on a cohesive and streamlined permitting process in order to attract business to this town and grow our tax base.

I spent extensive time working on similar issues with the School district and with many others brought about a solution. This is not a short term process and if elected I am willing to commit to see the process through with the one vote that this seat carries.

The choice is clear on April 30th; more of the same, or begin to take a new approach to the problems we face as a community.