On Tuesday, April 30, Townsend will be holding the town election. You will be given the opportunity to exercise your right to vote for the various positions being sought within the town government.

The critical position of selectman is one of those positions being sought. Given the importance of this particular leadership role, the town needs to elect the candidate that can and will best represent the will of the people in supporting the needs of the community.

I am confident that one of the candidates, Colin McNabb, would continue to devote his efforts towards doing a good job for the town and community given his present experience. And given the well known and highly respected family he comes from, there is no doubt he would bring a great deal to any job.

But for this election and given the current state of the economy and affairs, it is critical that the town elect the candidate that possesses the skills, knowledge and behaviors that can best represent the interests of the town.

I believe the best candidate for the job is Carolyn Smart. As a longtime resident who continues to be very active and informed within the community, Carolyn possesses the personality and character of Townsend.

I worked and interfaced with Carolyn during my active involvement in town government. The town's investment in Carolyn's 11 years of experience as assistant to the town administrator in the selectmen's office and her understanding of the inner workings of the town government is invaluable.


It only makes sense that she be given the opportunity to bring that expertise to the Board of Selectman.

Based on her strong morals, values and beliefs, Carolyn possesses strong work ethics. I and many others see Carolyn as hardworking, dedicated, committed, charismatic, a great communicator and negotiator, professional, responsible and accountable with a nice and effective interpersonal style.

Please support Carolyn with your vote on Tuesday, April 30.


Fitchburg, formerly of Townsend