Stu Sklar loves Harvard has worked hard since he moved here 12 years ago to make the town a better place to live by offering his leadership, energy and time.

He has coached soccer, worked on the Volunteer Fairs, helped organize and support the League of Women Voters Annual Flea Market, and, most importantly, worked to make Harvard's schools among the best in the commonwealth.

His service on the Bromfield School Council, long-time efforts with the Suburban Coalition (a group that ensures that even small rural ones like Harvard are treated equitably in receiving state aid), and his time and leadership on the School Committee all speak to his dedication and strong work ethic.

One of his most notable recent accomplishments was leading the successful negotiations of the Devens contract educational contract, which generates more than $800,000 annually for our schools. Stu's dedication to matters of importance to the town is unquestionable.

The decision to vote for Stu Sklar for selectman is an easy one. His leadership, experience, enthusiasm, and willingness to take on challenges make him the ideal candidate for the Board of Selectmen.