I am writing in support of the candidacy of both Jim Breslauer and Kara McGuire Minar for the Planning Board.

Breslauer has served the town since 2005 as a member of the Conservation Commission and as both a member and current vice chair he is committed to the preservation of Harvard's open space and water resources. As a citizen and an attorney he has both the skills and the determination to see the revision of our Master Plan through to its careful, thoughtful conclusion, a conclusion that he understands must include honest debate about the jurisdiction of Devens which faces us still.

McGuire Minar has already proven herself a highly competent planner and administrator as witnessed by her fair, open-minded, gracious and professional refereeing of the tough decisions made last year around the siting of ground-mounted solar arrays in agricultural/residential districts. The issue was and remains an important one to various constituencies and one whose many issues must continue to receive careful examination. Minar's interest in the health of our commercial district is nuanced and sophisticated and her determination to foster a careful conclusion to our revised Master Plan is not least among the reasons I feel so strongly she ought to be re-elected to this board.