I have served on the Conservation Commission with Jim Breslauer for eight years now and write in support of his bid for a term on the Planning Board.

As a lawyer and member of the Conservation Commission in his former town of Lowell, Jim came to us with especially valuable knowledge, experience and skills and we have felt lucky to have him on the commission.

When we are deliberating over a particularly difficult issue, Jim will quietly pull out his copy of the Harvard Wetlands Protection Bylaw or the state Wetland Protection Act, find the relevant passage and read it to us. On many occasions Jim's facility with and his habit of going to the code or regulations has enabled us to understand the laws we administer and come to well thought out decisions.

Jim is easy to work with, and whether you are in agreement or not, he is respectful of other members, of the applicants and of the democratic process. He also seems to be tireless when it comes to jobs of fact-finding and analysis often required in land-use decisions and this will be another important asset he can bring to working on the Planning Board.

I have also had occasion to work with Kara Minar when she was chair of the Planning Board. I found her to be approachable, straight forward, exceptionally well informed and very capable. I know both Jim and Kara care very much about Harvard and perhaps more importantly, care about working with the people of Harvard to find out what they want for the future of their town.


I trust them both to be diligent, open and fair as our representatives on Planning Board; I look forward to voting for them and encourage you to give them your vote as well.