I am writing this letter in support of Carolyn Smart who is running for the three-year-term as selectman of Townsend.

Our community, as well as others, is facing some of the most financially difficult times that we have faced in some time. Carolyn Smart has experience in many facets of town government, from starting on the Planning Board in 1998, onto Finance Committee, Capital Planning Committee and being secretary to the Town Administrator for 11 years, and at two different times, stepping up as acting town administrator.

She has learned something from every department she has worked in and has a wealth of knowledge in every area to help the town move forward. We need someone to take charge and work for me and you, the people of Townsend.

Her vast knowledge of the town's problems and the ability to work with the different departments and department heads to get problems solved makes her the best candidate for the selectman's position. We so desperately need someone who will listen to the needs of the people of town and will treat the people with the respect we all deserve.

Carolyn has been a resident of Townsend for 20 years, loves this town and would like the opportunity to help move our great town forward.

I hope you will vote Smart, Carolyn Smart, on Election Day as I will do April 30. She is the best choice for the selectman's position.