I am retired and have been living in Harvard for 33 years, and would like to continue to live here. The biggest expenses for the retired are taxes and insurance. With the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates near zero, they are essentially robbing from the elderly.

The last thing we need is a selectman that is an advocate for higher taxes. That would be Stu Sklar for the following reasons:

It has been five years since Harvard had a Prop 2 1/2 override. But we have had 2 and a half percent increases every year. Three years ago Stu Sklar tried to force through a Prop 2 1/2 override. At the 2010 Candidate's Forum, he pushed hard for an override and even bragged about getting the one before approved.

Stu Sklar has repeatedly proposed a "Local Option Income Tax" for Harvard. He lobbied our state rep for this while he was a member of the School Committee and also lobbied other town boards. A local income tax would be yet one more tax to pay without any decrease in property taxes.

In summary, I would urge voters not to vote for Stu Sklar on voting day April 30.