I'm voting for Stu Sklar for selectman, and here's why.

Stu is one of our town's greatest and most knowledgeable advocates. Part of that is because of how darned hard, intelligently and consistently he has fought for us at local and state levels on all kinds of issues affecting Harvard's well-being.

Stu has an impressive track record of serving the town. When he chaired the School Committee, he was the key to successful, complex negotiations that led to a well-balanced teacher contract everyone could sign off on. He is one of the best, most experienced negotiators we have had serving the town.

Also while on the School Committee, he took the lead in advocating for and negotiating the Devens K-5 contract, which brought in $500,000 in non property-tax revenue to our system.

As he just demonstrated at Town Meeting with the citizens petition to amend the protective bylaw, an effort he led and which passed overwhelmingly, Stu understands that you need to work with multiple stakeholders with diverse needs in order to forge a workable solution.

Personally, Stu brings a rare balance of vision and getting stuff done. He is passionate, yet eminently reasonable and good-natured. And he gets results!

I hope you will join me in voting for Stu Sklar for Board of Selectmen. We need him.