We moved to Harvard so our daughter could attend Bromfield High School. Because of our many wonderful experiences, including our daughter's successes, we count ourselves among the most ardent town of Harvard fans.

One of our earliest lessons about this great community occurred during the fateful ice storm of 2008, which left all of us without power for quite awhile. We had a generator hookup, but, alas, just moving in August, we had no generator or understanding of how it would work. Coincidentally I just met Stuart Sklar (we were serving on a committee together), who generously offered to not only lend us his generator but also set it up for us. Stu kept to his word and we had power that very night.

We tell this story as one of innumerable examples of Stu's good character and how he will work for Harvard as a selectman. Stu immersed himself in educational issues to serve on the School Committee and can count the contract to educate the Devens children among his achievements.

Moving from Shirley, we were well-versed in Devens' issues and relieved when Stu finally brought about this win/win situation for everyone -- the Devens contract subsidizes our schools and brings in students who stabilize our declining enrollments.

Stu serves on the Bromfield School Council, and his dedication to the schools is unquestionable. He's a longtime member of the Suburban Coalition, a group that ensures all towns in Massachusetts, even small rural ones like ours, are treated equitably in receiving state aid.


Year after year he's part of the muscle and enthusiasm behind the LWV annual Flea Market, among many other volunteer activities, including walking his pug (yes, Stu is also a pug lover).

The decision to vote for Stu Sklar for selectman is an easy one. Stu's breadth of interests and willingness to take on challenges make him the ideal candidate for the Board of Selectmen. His ability to find compromise and solve problems will serve Harvard well. Please turn out to vote for Stu Sklar on April 30.