These are difficult times for the Citizens of Shirley. We are dealing with higher prices in the grocery store and at the gas pump. Taxes have gone up at every level of government and pay checks are not keeping up with the increase. Our town has seen our state Chapter 70 funds get cut again, while they raised the sales tax and now propose raising the state income tax. Our town needs strong leadership in these tough times. That is why we need a proven leader like Enrico Cappucci for selectman.

Shirley cannot spend more money than it takes in. It must budget, just like every family is already doing. Our town must take a balanced approached to fund our essentials like the Police Department, Fire Department and our schools. We must wisely use the money we have to provide the services we can afford. Mr. Cappucci knows we must fund the town services fairly and wisely, ensuring no one department gets too much or too little. He is well aware of the challenges facing Shirley and has the experience to apply common-sense solutions to meet them.

Our town's operating budget for this year is $10,950,456 -- that's it. This is all the money Shirley has to use to make the town function. The average residential tax bill is now $4,088. That is a lot of money for families to come up with every year. We know it will be more next year. Enrico knows this too and will work with others to come up with a plan to support the whole community.


He has been a good steward of our money in the past and will do so again. The citizens of Shirley expect their representatives to spend their money frugally for the benefit of the whole town and not cater to special-interest groups.

With tough times ahead, we need an experienced leader like Enrico. He will not shy away from tough decisions or act in an irresponsible manner when it comes to funding our town services. He will take a measured responsible approach to the town's fiscal challenges. By voting for Enrico, we will add another voice of responsible leadership to the Board of Selectman. My fellow citizens, please join me on April 30 and vote for Enrico Cappucci for selectman.