I wish to express my strong support for Josh Degen's re-election as selectman in Groton. First off, I do not always agree with Josh on his positions. The fire station and personnel board are a couple of recent examples. In such cases, we agree to disagree. However, in all cases, Josh Degen's positions are based on the facts as well as his judgment, his experience, and what he truly believes are the best interests of Groton. An occasional disagreement on policy issues is a small price to pay for a public servant who serves us with integrity. Josh does not engage in self-dealing. He is ethical to a fault. He works with people to fashion mutually acceptable solutions. Josh is a strong and apparently tireless advocate for the public interest. I sleep better at night knowing that someone like Josh has his finger on the pulse of what is happening in town, ready to lead and direct the public discourse towards results which enhance and protect the public interest. We are lucky to have him as a selectman. Please honor Josh with your vote for selectmen this upcoming election. Thank you.