I have been a full time voting resident in Groton since the 1970s. I can say without a doubt, I have never seen a better candidate for public office than Josh Degen. I have observed his efforts first on the Planning Board and more recently as a Selectman. No one works harder on issues, asks all the right questions and brings such straightforward integrity and honesty to the table.

Josh has always been a consistent supporter of what is right for the community and has backed up his decisions with thoughtful and complete command of the facts before making up his mind. I had the opportunity to work closely with him on issues regarding Lost Lake/Knops Pond. He was helpful by challenging us with thought provoking questions and by being unselfish in his support for conserving this great town resource.

The town of Groton is fortunate to have such good people as Josh to serve their community by volunteering an enormous amount of their time. I urge you to come to the polls on April 30 and vote for the re-election of Josh Degen.