I am voicing my support for the re-election of Josh Degen to the Groton Board of Selectmen.

Since 2011, members of the Groton Lakes Association and Town of Groton Great Ponds Advisory Committee have been working with Josh on several issues pertaining to the health and well-being of the lakes and ponds in Groton, and he has proven to be a great advisor and supporter of our efforts as well as the efforts of other Groton residents who have been helping to restore our lakes and ponds.

In particular he has pitched in to help with the efforts to restore Sargisson Beach by helping to fix the erosion problem that has washed tons of sand into Knops Pond, and he has offered to help remove that sand in the future. He also helped the residents of Lost Lake and Knops Pond in their efforts to restore these two great recreational town resources to what they were 50 years ago.

I have watched Josh in action at selectmen's meetings and at Town Meetings and have always been impressed that in dealing with town issues Josh always calls them as he sees them while providing constructive suggestions as to how to move forward with solutions. I greatly respect his honesty and candor. He gets things done!

So I hope that the people of Groton will vote to re-elect Josh -- I know I will.