I would like to thank my friends in Townsend for organizing and attending the pasta dinner and fundraiser recently held at the Meeting Hall. I'd also like to extend a big thank you to the donors for the auction and raffle. My wife Deb and I would especially like to thank Mrs. Louise Thorpe for spearheading the event.

There is something very special about growing up in a small, rural New England town like Townsend. There is often a sense of loyalty and commitment to one another that I'm not sure is commonplace in the world today.

Regardless of how many years pass, or how infrequently we may see each other, it seems as though we are always connected. We hear a familiar Townsend name and there is an instant bond. Our families have grown up together, gone to church together, enrolled in school together, played sports together, attended band concerts together, and walked paths through happy and sad times together. We know each other, and we care about one another. For me, this has always brought about a healthy sense of security and belonging.

That Townsend loyalty and commitment was especially evident the night of the pasta dinner. It was so humbling to see the number of people who planned, attended and supported us that night. It was such a blessing to see friends representing just about every period of my life. Former elementary and high school teachers, former classmates (many of whom I hadn't seen in 30 years), old teammates and their families, church friends and their families, my own family members, even new friends whom I had never previously met .


.. the outpouring and generosity was immense.

You probably will never realize how much your prayers and genuine concern has meant to us. Your kindness has been absolutely overwhelming.

Ultimately, my illness is all in God's hands, and we trust Him. One thing is for sure, however: He has certainly blessed us with the best family and friends that I imagine any person has ever had.

God bless you all, and thank you again.