Based on our knowledge and perspective as current and past leaders of volunteer government in Harvard, we support the Planning Board's fiscal 2014 initiative to hire a professional town planner. We strongly urge the Board of Selectmen to include this proposal in the warrant for the April 6 annual Town Meeting so that the voters may decide.

PAUL WILLARD (chairman, Conservation Commission)

ELAINE LAZARUS (chairwoman, Economic Development Committee)

VICTOR NORMAND (chairman, Devens Economic Analysis Team)

JIM LEE (chairman, Park and Recreation Committee and Bare Hill Pond Committee)

BARBARA BRADY (Municipal Affordable Housing Trust, past vice-chair Planning Board)

ALICE VON LOESECKE (chairwoman, Finance Committee)

BOB THURSTON (past chairman, Finance Committee)

KEITH CHEVERALLS (past chairman, School Committee)

RICK MAIORE (past chairman, Selectmen; past chair Planning Board; chairman, Board of Assessors)

BILL MARINELLI (past chairman, Selectmen; past chair Planning Board)

MICHELLE CATALINA (past chairwoman, Planning Board)