I recently heard someone remark, "Every town has a crystal ball and this ball is the town's Planning/Zoning Board." This is the board where much of the town's future is organized, preserved and developed.

My five-year term is over in April. This opening provides an opportunity for a fellow Pepperell resident to become a member of this important board. One does not need any special background or specific requirements, only a willingness to give some of your time, interest and attention to the town. A board member also gets much in return: a broader knowledge of the town and how it runs and a greater appreciation for town volunteers and town employees.

The process begins by taking out nomination papers at the town clerk's office. Many establishments in town are willing to have these papers on their counters/tables in order to collect the required number of registered voter signatures.

The board is currently working on developing a Neighborhood Business District, creating design guidelines for future projects as well as updating and clarifying many zoning definitions. These efforts reflect a sincere effort and commitment towards Pepperell's future.

I know Pepperell's public spirit is alive and well, as was evident at the September public hearing regarding the Peter Fitzpatrick property.

Now is a good time for you to help keep Pepperell's crystal ball clear as we strive for a balanced future that will be good for all Pepperell residents.

Think about it and act!