The two-fold mission of the Harvard Lions is to serve those in need through the numerous charitable organizations we support AND to give back to the local community (families, students, schools, town organizations and volunteer groups) through service projects and financial support.

Because of the significant growth in our membership and fundraising in recent years, we're once again in a position to give back financially to our local community. This is also our way of saying thank you, Harvard, for your overwhelming support of our fundraising events and activities throughout the year.

This year the Harvard Lions Club is inviting funding requests from local individuals, schools, town organizations and volunteer groups. The amount of these requests can range from $200 up to a maximum of $2,000. Since we do not have unlimited resources, we cannot guarantee every request will be approved and in some cases may provide only partial funding.

Funding requests related to the Lions core mission will be given priority: family assistance related to medical conditions, vision and hearing impairment, other disabilities or special needs, student/youth development, natural disaster victims and improving the environment. In addition, we also welcome for consideration other funding requests that would benefit the local community.

In evaluating each funding request we will consider the extent to which it:

* Relates to the Harvard Lions' core mission noted above.


* Benefits the community at large in some way.

* Addresses an existing need

* Is properly documented and submitted in a timely manner

For information on this program and to download the funding request application, go to and click on the "funding requests" tab at the top. If you have additional questions, contact Bob Kinnee at


Harvard Lions Club