In the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty" we see the example of a misguided public policy against evil that achieved little, but dramatically and negatively impacted an entire population. Fast forward to the American 21st century and we see a similar process developing as it applies to gun control. In the fantasy, the innocent baby, later called

Sleeping Beauty was condemned to death by a malevolent "mentally ill" character. Fortunately for the baby princess a benevolent character modified the spell away from death to sleep for a century.

Unfortunately for us, in the real world of this century, there was no benevolent trained person in Newtown, Conn. who could counteract the actions of a mentally deranged shooter. Consequently more than twenty innocent and unsuspecting people died.

Much like the fantasy world of Sleeping Beauty where the confiscation of spinning wheels had no effect, provided no protection for the princess, and reduced the people of the kingdom to poverty our society now focuses exclusively on control of weapons and ammunition to react to violence.

Presently, our chief executive, aided and abetted by both a liberal media and progressive politicians, seeks gun control and perhaps total confiscation of the arms and ammunition which have been constitutionally guaranteed to responsible and law abiding citizens. Such action, if successful, leaves us defenseless against those who ignore laws and wish us ill.


Furthermore we must acknowledge the many historical examples of those who wished to establish themselves as despotic leaders. The first step toward total control of a population is total disarmament of that population..

Complex problems require complex solutions. The simplistic "campaign for gun control" that emphasizes types of guns and amount of ammunition weakens us.

We can guard against evil but not eliminate it from the human condition. In the real world, as contrasted with the fantasy one, there is neither a once upon a time nor a happily ever after condition. Our leaders may declare and even enact a "solution" but just because they declare one does not make it viable.