In the past two weeks, several Shirley residents reported that they have received phone calls from the American Legion requesting donations.

One person was told that the call originated in Worcester.

While these calls may be legitimate, and the American Legion is considered an organization worthy of donations, be assured that these calls are not associated in any way with the Shirley American Legion.

All branches of the American Legion are funded solely by donations, including the Shirley American Legion.

Donations are greatly appreciated by the Shirley American Legion and contribute to the well being and survival of the Post and the ability to provide services to Shirley townspeople such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies as well as funeral services for veterans and support of Scouting, etc.

If you receive such a call, it is suggested that you ask for information; name of the person calling, phone number, the name and location of the American Legion Post calling. If you have questions or suspect a call is not legitimate, please contact the Shirley American Legion at 978-425-4888, and leave a message and your phone number so we can follow up.