The Groton Historical Society want to thank individuals and organizations who came together to prepare and participate in the first Teddy Bear Tea.

In an attempt to bring the Historical Society into the lives of young persons, a fun time was planned to engage youngsters in the serving of tea, delicious snacks, story reading and activities.

Scott Wilson designed a captivating poster distributed to the public. Members of the Groton Garden Club decorated the Grange Hall for holiday festivities and donated delectable snacks. Peter Macy engaged the children with their acting out of one of his Hannah stories. The Groton Dunstable Regional high School Drama Guild and three other students deserve a standing ovation for their participation serving tea, acting out short historical vignettes and assisting in making the event a success. Their skills and enthusiasm made the day memorable and fun for those involved.

Other individuals exerted efforts to enhance the event. Bonnie Biocchi provided all the table ware, some snacks and delicious teas. Donations came from Sally Smith's Commonview Farm, Groton Congregational Church, Peter Benedict, Lavender shop and Clover Farm Store.

The collaboration between the Society and so many other town organizations and individuals is inspiring. Many thanks to everyone for their contribution. The entire board of directors joins us in sending you our deepest appreciation.


Co-Chair Groton