The Shirley Friendship Fund wishes everyone a happy, healthy new year. We send a BIG thank you to the many volunteers who donated food, and who shopped, wrapped, and organized the handing out of the gifts and food baskets this season.

Many Shirley businesses and residents get another BIG thank you for the financial donations. We handed out the gifts and baskets at the Shirley Fire Department several days before Christmas. Thank you to them for the use of the station and manpower.

Meredith Marcinkewicz and the ShirleyArts! Traveling Children's Christmas Choir also deserve big applause for their two outstanding performance fundraisers for us.

The Shirley Friendship Fund would not have had Christmas presents this year if it were not for the great help from Fidelity and North Middlesex Savings Banks, with their awesome customers filling the wishes of Shirley children on their Giving Trees. St. Anthony's Parish provided us with our third successful Giving Tree. MCI-Shirley had not been able to help us for several years, but this season they donated gifts for two large families.

The Shirley Friendship Fund gives out large food baskets with several meals included, besides the Christmas meal. Some of the food for these baskets was donated by Cains, the Bull Run Restaurant, the Shirley Hose Company, M&M Variety, and Bemis.


The Groton Community Kindergarten donated toilet paper, and the Shirley Community Assistance Collaborative donated money to purchase the odds and ends we needed like peanut butter and jelly. Wonderful World of Children donated foods that the kids love and collected.

Many of our volunteers who gave up a day to organize and pass out the items have been helped by the Shirley Friendship Fund in seasons past. Several of our donations this season were from families that the Shirley Friendship Fund has helped. The Village Pizza Shop provided the volunteers and firemen with lunch that day.

Thank you to everyone who made this another successful christmas!


Shirley Friendship Fund