Dear Harvard selectmen:

The Bromfield School Council discussed at length the proposed move of the cable TV studio to the basement of Bromfield at its meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 10. Several important points were made that we believe will help the selectmen's deliberations.

1. The co-location of the studio in the school will provide opportunity for Bromfield students to have a new after-school activity with the hope that someday, dependent upon available funding, the program could become part of the school curriculum. The council over the last year has been discussing how to expand the course selection, and this program could in the future be one of the new course selections.

2. Teachers may have an interest in using the facility as part of their existing curriculum. We understand that the interested teachers would have to be properly trained, but using the facility as part of an existing class would add a new dimension to their curriculum.

3. This is a great opportunity for the town/community and schools to work together. The Council sees this as a positive relationship that may lead to other collaborations. The schools will have added costs to maintain the facility, provide heating, lighting and custodial services and will need to find the funds to support work stations, but in concert with the School Committee's additional capital funding support, the selectmen's vote to hopefully support this endeavor shows a true partnership in the use of town resources.


The council took a vote on the proposed cable TV studio and it was unanimously supported.

Council members:

Jim O'Shea, principal

Deborah Pierce, teacher

Glenn Tarullo, teacher

Patricia Niland, teacher

Cindy Buhner, parent

Sharon Cronin, parent

Stu Sklar, parent

Jodi Specht, parent

Bin Han, student

Jackie Planchet, student

Alexandra Cronin, student

Willie Wickman, community rep

Catina Hayden, community rep

Ellen Sachs Leicher, community rep