As I stood on a corner that Christmas Eve night

I spied the strangest sight;

Illuminated by the street's lamp light,

There in a window

some distance beyond

what looked like a figure

familiar and fond.

I could see that he had a beard of snow white

as for the cut of his suit

it looked about right.

When just for an instant

I turned to sneeze

I peered more closely

and it made me freeze:

for there in the shadows

not ten feet away

stood nine small reindeer

attached to a sleigh.

The night was pitch dark

the wind blew with speed

and there was that "red nose" taking the lead.

Shaking my head and feeling my brow,

I knew that my fever had increased somehow.

Just at that moment a bus passed by

and paused for a second

I don't know why.

Not listening to reason

(perhaps 'twas the season),

I walked to the spot

where I'd seen them before,

and there lay the prints of 36 paw.

Oh yes, there were tracks

as clear as could be

and there in the snow

calling to me

a small gold bell

shiny and bright

(I keep it always to remember that night).

Now every year on Christmas Eve

I stand and wait

Until forced to leave

Hoping to spy

What few ever do

And wishing next year it will happen to you.