Residents and officials:

Please know that I take the issues in the article published by Nashoba Publising very seriously. The role of bullying, electronic or otherwise, is one of great importance in our society. Schools, workplaces and organizations have all taken steps to make sure that the safety of our citizens is paramount. With the unfortunate realities of our sometimes violent society, the words I used should not be chosen, not even in jest. For that I apologize.

However, the quotes being accredited to me are, in short, accurate in their language but taken out of context. I was not even speaking about Ayer or town affairs. In the future, I will be more careful with my words, regardless of the subject. Everyone who knows me and has helped my campaign knows my character is not one where any violence, never mind violence towards women, is tolerated or implicitly condoned.

I look forward to working under the leadership of Chairman Fay and echo his calls for civility. Since my election, I have received numerous letters and calls in support of the direction we are taking as a board. To those people: Thank you and I will continue to work with the Board members to represent the concerns of our residents as we forward educational investments, cost savings, accountability and increase property values. I will continue to fight to make our local government efficient, effective and intelligent.


I hope that all the Board will join me in looking ahead to the good we can do, together, as a community. We will let ideas, leadership and policy win the day, not politics, sound bites and rhetoric. I will let the record represent me and my colleagues and let the residents of our community be the judges of our values and merit.