Not a week goes by that we pick up the newspaper and the Town of Ayer is more times than not in the headlines, and not in a good way, enlightening us all on the constant turmoil at Town Hall.

Of the two most recent issues: In the private sector, if someone is unhappy in their job, they seek other employment. They don't ask their employer to create a position for them, and I would hope that there is no intention by the BOS to create a position for this individual and ask we the taxpayers to fund yet another high salaried town position complete with benefits and pension. With many on fixed incomes or unemployed, we are all tired of more and more being asked of us and our taxes being raised every year.

Regarding the most recent issue, there is absolutely no place in town, state or federal government for individuals with anger issues. Any statement implying harm to anyone in this day and age cannot and should not be tolerated. Most of us do not use the word "murder" and a "list" in their everyday language when referring to co-workers or anyone else. The conduct is immature and is unprofessional and most definitely should not be coddled by the chair.

We as taxpayers have every right to expect that our elected officials do their jobs. Things only get done when people work together for the common good and I don't see this happening. So, Ayer BOS, grow up, put your personal agendas and differences aside and get on with it.


Do your job.