My name is Paul Bresnahan. I grew up in Shirley and moved to Ayer when I married my wife, Louise. Consequently, I care a great deal for both towns.

On Nov. 17, we will be voting for something of immense importance to the future of our children, our schools and our two towns. YES votes will give approval to implement a major upgrade to our high school, resulting in a major improvement to our school system.

Once again, two YES votes means the children will win and our two towns will win. Keep in mind that the quality of our schools has a significant impact on the value of our real estate -- people moving to a "new" town check on the quality of the schools.

Lastly, the state is paying the lion's share if we say YES now. Roughly, the allocation of cost will be:

Commonwealth of Mass. -- 70 percent

Town of Ayer -- 20 percent

Town of Shirley -- 10 percent

Please vote YES on Nov. 17 on both ballot questions. This is a great opportunity and a great investment for both towns.

Thank you.