We had an 80 percent turnout for the presidential election with 4,951 voters compared to 5, 060 in 2008 or 81 percent of the voters at the time. The honor society students that helped out were excellent they were a great help to us and really seemed to enjoy learning about the process. They were: Laurel Haines, Ryan Kangas, Maria Rios Martinez, Andrew Shepherd, Kellan Morgan, Amber Kelley, Richard Cuoco, Elisabeth Ryden, Olivia Dineen and Anastasia Koulopoulos.

"Many hands make light work" and we had a great deal of help from other departments besides the election workers, the assistant town clerk, the registrars, the Police Department, the custodial staff at the high school, the Cemetery and Parks Department, building maintenance (Mark), Melissa Hermann who delivered the message about the replacement ballot machine, Leslie Gabrilska for helping us lug the remaining voting paraphernalia back to Town Hall and into Town Hall. Cliff's for supplying the election workers with good meals. If I have missed someone and I am sure I have, I am sorry and thank you all for making this a very successful election.


Townsend town clerk