I've come to know Jon Golnik over the last four years, and during that time I've seen a dedicated family man as well as an individual absolutely concerned about the future of our district, state and country.

I listen to Jon and can sense in him a commitment to do things right, to get this country back on a track to fiscal sanity, create jobs, and improve the lot in life for all. I believe Jon Golnik when he states that he won't allow our generation to be the first generation to leave our country worse off for our children than was left for us. I believe Jon Golnik when he says he will represent the entire district equally, based on needs, not represent the larger cities and towns and exclude the smaller communities as is currently being done. There exists in this district more than Lowell, Lawrence and Haverhill. I don't believe his opponent, who says we are better off now than we were two years ago; I own a business and a home and work in my community and can clearly see we are absolutely not better off now.

We need fixes in D.C., we need someone who will work with everyone to accomplish the greater good for all. We are not getting that now, but with a Congressmen Golnik, it's my opinion that we can start to move forward and create a better district, state and country. I wholeheartedly endorse Jon Golnik for Congress.