In social studies we learn about the three-legged stool of government. This metaphor refers to the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch, providing the checks and balances in our lives.

In reality, we have a fourth invisible leg to this metaphorical stool. It is the power of the electorate, which affords the greatest strength and stability to our lives.

Throughout the past four years, we have suffered because of a high unemployment rate, massive and uncontrollable spending in Washington, a dangerously high national debt, and a lack of honesty and accountability on the part of our president and the media.

We repeatedly hear that the economic and security issues have improved, yet we see that they have not. We hear that America has improved relationships abroad and that the Jihadist movement has weakened. It has not. We now learn that the victims of the Sept. 11 attack in Libya had repeatedly requested military aid and repeatedly received the answer "request denied." What must we conclude from this situation?

The undeniable answer is that we are all expendable as far as our government is concerned. President Obama has taken to the airwaves to vilify both his opponent and the Republicans that support him. The president claims that he means what he says and that we know where he stands. Unfortunately it appears that he stands to maximize his own personal gain.

While we can verbally respond with sorrow and sympathy to the families of the Americans murdered in Libya, we can also respond with actions.


This Nov. 6, let's elect Mitt Romney as president, Scott Brown as Massachusetts senator, and Jon Golnik as 3rd District representative to the United States Congress. Hopefully the deaths of our fellow Americans will not have been in vain. With our votes we can stabilize and strengthen that fourth leg of the metaphorical stool.