I am voting yes on Nov. 17 for the Ayer-Shirley High School renovation project. When families are constantly on the road, eating dinner in their cars, and going from one event to other, the last thing they need is to be forced to ship their kids off to schools outside of the community. Let's keep our kids in our schools. Let's come together and create a community that will attract new families to put down roots, a community where our young people get a good education and want to stay in their hometown and raise their own children.

We, the voters, have the opportunity to get this done now. With 70 percent of the project paid for by the state, the cost to the average homeowner is $4 a week. That's a small investment compared to the huge return that it will generate for businesses and property owners in Shirley and Ayer. Past generations have made much greater sacrifices on behalf of families. Our kids, your neighbors now and in the future, will reap the rewards of this investment for decades to come.

Voting and making important decisions is what adults do on a regular basis, and we must vote as good stewards of our community. Let's come together and build a bright future for both Shirley and Ayer. Vote yes on Nov. 17!