John McNabb is a Pepperell icon. He truly made an impression on our small town. He is the staple of Pepperell. You won't find a more giving man who is dedicated to his family and community.

John was the very first person I met when I moved here in 1999. It's a funny story in that I thought he was being "forced out" of his job as a pharmacist. Little did I know, John owned the business and he was selling it to Brooks Pharmacy! We laugh about it all the time. He and I became instant friends.

When his son Patrick was running for selectman, there wasn't a bigger cheerleader! I remember being out for my morning walk on Election Day. It was still dark out and why was I not surprised to see John putting Patrick's signs on the rotary, hoping his son would win the seat. "How do you think he'll do?" he asked. My answer, "He's a McNabb, he will do just fine." He was so proud!

I recall a very poignant moment sitting in a rocking chair (my favorite stop in Pepperell) in front of the store with my friend. He told me about his son Brendan and the accident which could have ended up much worse than it did. With a tear in his eye, he told me he will be forever grateful for those who were on the scene and saved his son. He can't imagine...

John's family has always been his priority. You always felt like you were part of the McNabb family as he always talked about his children with such pride, especially every time one of his grandbabies came along.


He couldn't have been prouder!

If you have never had the privilege of meeting John, you don't know what you have missed. He is the most genuine person I have ever known, with so many wonderful stories to share. How can you say all there is to say about such a wonderful man?

So now we bid farewell to the most prominent fixture downtown Pepperell has ever had. We love you and things will never be the same without you!

All the best to you and Kathy as you retire!