For Rep. Niki Tsongas and with apologies to the poetry of Elizabeth Barrett Browning:

"How Have You Hurt Us? Let Me Count The Ways..."

How have you hurt us? Let me count the ways,

You seize our wealth by favoring high taxes.

While we strive for prosperity you vote for wasteful spending.

You celebrate a national health-care system that

promises coverage, but denies care,

that creates euthanasia panels with little regard

for the value of human life.

You blindly follow your Minority House Leader.

by demonizing the successful.

When a ruler, not a leader, seizes power you sit idly by,

rendering null and void the very reason we sent you to Washington.

Recognize the American spirit of independence.

Seek not to punish the prosperous.

Value liberty, responsibility and integrity!

For the constituents in the Massachusetts Third District, vote for Jon Golnik, who can and will help us change the political and financial predicament of the time.