I cannot believe the audacity of bringing up a 2 and 1/2 override for the third time, on Nov., 13.

Own town administrator, Andy Sheehan, came up with a budget surplus of $2,441. He did the job we pay him to do. But no, that did not satisfy our town employees. Instead of being grateful for a job (with benefits), they recoiled at the prospect of belt-tightening, which the private section has done for years.

Like a bunch of spoiled brats, a handful of employees stomped their feet in front of the selectmen and refused to do their part in the budget. "Another override" was their mantra.

Thank you, Selectman Plamondon, for being the ONLY one to respect the voice of the people (twice). The selectmen are supposed to be working for the good of the whole town, not a handful of town employees. You could not fool us the last two times with your "... But it's for the children." Now, what else could they come up with that we might swallow? The discussion came up with, "It's for your town." If employees can find better jobs elsewhere, please do not hold them back. Good for them. Maybe we do not need that many employees anyway.

Doesn't it bother you now, with a Nov. 13, special election, you will have cost the taxpayers more than $10,000? That could have been spent better elsewhere. In Townsend it appears that the inmates are running the asylum.

I don't know what universe you're from, but the world I live in is peopled by taxpayers who are losing their jobs, their homes and health insurance.


Unemployment is high and use of food stamps is at an all-time high. Now, we're facing winter, with heating oil at $4 a gallon.

We have no more money.

It's not about supporting our schools or town. It's about the fact that we do not have extra money out there. A 2 1/2 percent override is not a one-time tax increase; it's a forever tax increase, which then will increase also by 2 1/2 percent every year on our tax bill!

Don't forget what is looming in our future: Repairing or rebuilding a new North Middlesex High School. Can you guess how much THAT 2 1/2 percent override will be?

Attending the Town Meeting is a lost cause. All the town employees show up to vote for their interests. I guess that's the American way. Maybe we need a new form of town government, because it appears there are more of them than us.

Maybe the answer could be more volunteering at the Town Hall, library, Senior Center, fire station, police station (if unions allow) and schools.

Please show up one more time (we hope) on Nov. 13 at Town Hall to vote NO once again. Don't be fooled by more lipstick on the pig.

Thanks for your attention. Hope they get the message.


ANNE FREY, Townsend