I respectfully question the appointment of Sgt. Alfreda Cromwell as acting chief of the Shirley Police Department. She is an excellent officer but with little actual time on the force in Shirley, or anywhere else.

The honorable Board of Selectmen chose to ignore Sgt. Peter Violette, who, as senior sergeant on the department, has served in the capacity of acting chief for the last five years. Apparently, the board felt his move from second shift would disrupt the entire department. I find that hard to believe since these officers are all professionals.

Sgt. Violette has 25 years experience in police work, 17 years of it here in Shirley. He also is a graduate of the police academy, a requirement for all officers in all departments. He has an associate's degree in law enforcement from Mt. Wachusett.

I am sure he must have been recommended by the present chief.

What is this really about?