Help write the next chapter of Ayer's history by voting yes on articles 2, 3 and 4 at Ayer's Town Meeting on Monday, Oct. 22.

Many municipalities across the commonwealth are updating their local governments by moving from elected to appointed tax collectors and treasurers. The Massachusetts Department of Revenue recommends this change. Current state qualifications simply require that elected tax collectors and treasurers be 18 years of age and registered to vote within their municipality. With municipal budgets in the multi-millions of dollars, municipalities deserve qualified and accountable individuals who have the education and background to manage these large amounts of money.

We elect our Board of Selectmen, entrusting them to work together with tax collectors and treasurers to make the best decisions for our town. Elected tax collectors and treasurers have no accountability to residents. In the event of an error or other problem, the only recourse is to wait until the next election. By asking our selectmen to choose the best-qualified candidates for tax collector and treasurer, we are giving them the responsibility for overseeing the collection and management of our money.