Ayer is losing its history. As each generation passes, we lose many of their stories, experiences, memories and artifacts. Much of the information and artifacts that do exist are held by many individuals with no means for sharing them. As a result, we do not have a well recorded history of the town to pass on to future generations.

This is a greater problem in the digital age, as photographs, letters and newspapers are supplanted by digital images, email, text messages and blogs, all of which get deleted as easily as they are created. One hundred years from now, what will the residents of Ayer know about us and our time?

The Ayer Historical Commission does what it can for historic preservation, but with only five members and a very small operating budget, it is limited in what it can do. The Commission is pleased to have published of the Images of America book on Ayer, but that was just one small contribution to preservation effort. Historic preservation should be a community effort.

Ayer needs a private organization of residents coming together in the spirit of community to engage in activities and to collect, preserve and pass along the story of Ayer. Ayer needs a historical society.

On Wednesday, Oct. 17, the Ayer Historical Commission will host a meeting for anyone interested in forming an historical society. The meeting will be in Town Hall at 7 p.m. All are welcome.


Chair, Ayer Historical Commission