Enjoyed your editorial today (Oct. 5) .

Did you and Mary and a member of the BOS write it together?

You are correct, I am a hothead, that will never change! Born with it. Sorry! You forgot something though, your little old lady in the wheelchair is actually a former bike-gang member, who has multiple criminal offenses. (If someone) physically threatens me, your damn right I'm going to respond!

Your other points, there are bullies on the board, again correct. The problem is you only alluded to a few. Frank is not a bully, I will give you that. But the other member is probably the biggest bully in town!! Working behind people's back, when they don't agree, holding grudges against elected and appointed officials. Doing anything in order to get re elected when it goes to three member board. Yet, that member is covered in Teflon, by your paper. I did a search going back to when that member was elected. Not one negative comment from your paper about them, yet that person's name was mentioned 10 times more then anyone else on the board in that period. Coincidence, maybe? But more then likely in my hot-headed opinion, it's due to the inappropriate relationship between that person and Nashoba publications. But again I agree with you. I would protect someone who leaks emails, and does whatever possible to discredit their colleagues, in the press.


Because sensational headlines, getting elected, and getting even are more important than what's best for the town! Fortunately 95 percent of the people who are involved with the town see right through it, despite Nashoba Publishing's best efforts. I believe this was under selectmen's questions about a month ago, but never saw the light of day from your paper?

Gintner and Doig. Again agreed has to be an ending. I may have missed the email, but did the DOR respond in writing? I have been on vacation, but I believe all that has been said is what Mr. Muldoon said? Which, I believe, because he is a good honest person! But the answer was verbal, not in writing. The Personnel Board has asked for a written ruling. But if its back I'm sure it was bcc'd to you from your insider. What I don't agree with is that three members of the board are hell bent on reclassification,

No matter what. I like both parties involved and have no issues with either one, personally unlike some on the BOS. Do I think there was some wrongdoing, yes. Do I think good people make bad decisions, mistakes? Yes, all the time. I have only been approached by one member of this board, trying to sway me, and that was none of the so called bullies. It was the real bully. Ironically the points that were made during that conversation were almost identical to Mary's public release of documents request yesterday, Identical, how ironic!

The homeless. Again correct, almost. Wells and I had some great back and forth this week, we plan on meeting soon to discuss the topic of homeless. Exactly why it was brought up by me, to get discussion. I respect the man immensely for what he does to help. In the first discussion we had, he asked, is there a homeless problem? He answered his own question with the answer yes. Then he asked how can we work together to help? Because boards of selectmen and one pastor can't do it alone. Especially the BOS. Couldn't agree more!

I believe you also mentioned bullying Chief Murray. I'm assuming you have not met the chief? Because if you have you would know he doesn't get pushed around. Even a hothead like me knows that. Is not having the same opinion bullying? Unlike the real bully, I can disagree, argue and walk away with no anger and more respect for that person.

In closing. You probably think I dislike the bully? I do not. I like all my colleagues! Discussion is a good thing and I will continue to bring something every week, controversial or not. Because honestly there's no ulterior motive. Except making Ayer a great place to live and raise a family. If the people don't re-elect me, so be it, life goes on. What I won't do is undermine the town and my colleagues to get even, or re-elected. 

I really did enjoy your editorial. It has sparked this response, so I guess it did what it was designed to do.

I hope you have a great weekend!



Chris Hillman is an Ayer selectman.