In regards to article 24 on the Groton town warrant for Oct. 15, an article that would allow farmers carte blanche for all of the town's zoning laws. They could then put up to 15 pigs, have horse stables, raise livestock in any zone in the town. Place farmstands anywhere they feel like without a permit.

This would be a complete loss of control as far as the town is concerned. I live opposite one of these would-be farmers on Route 225. Back in 1995, he tried placing a Kimball Farm-type operation opposite my house. When I objected to this, he placed pigs, a llama, pheasants and donkeys in front of my house along with old cattle trailers, trailers full of old tires and junk vehicles.

When I complained to the building and zoning inspector, he stated it sure is a mess but it's supposed to be a farm.

When I contacted a lawyer, he said take lots of pictures; it's devaluation of your property!

This operation went on for six months until the farmer finally moved all his junk.

All farmers are not wiseguys but this one was.

To prevent anyone from going through what I idid, I would recommend not changing any of the zoning bylaws as they will hold up in court.


West Groton