Building the Future of Shirley and Ayer would like to thank everyone who came out Saturday, Sept. 15 for our fundraiser held at the Billiards Café. It was a fun and informative night that proved to be a great show of support for our community and the Ayer Shirley Regional High School building project. We would also like to thank our generous host, Calvin Moore, for the use of The Billiards Café and for donating a trip to Las Vegas to our silent auction. We would also like to thank the following businesses and individuals for their generous donations; Lucia's Tavola in Ayer, EmbroidMe of Chelmsford (Walter and Chris Miska), Stone Mountain Studios in Shirley (Lisa Maria and Matt Steinberg), Mark and Tracy Callahan, Amy Martone, Chris and Michelle St. John, Kevin and Dana Bresnahan, and Brenda Gleason. The time is truly now! Let's keep this great momentum going and remember to VOTE YES on NOVEMBER 17, 2012 for the future of Shirley and Ayer and for the Ayer Shirley Regional School District!


For Building the Future of Shirley and Ayer (BFSA)