It is hard to believe that the town of Townsend's political base would have the temerity to again hold a special town meeting and accumulate more expenses, to ply for yet another special election to decide what the rank and file citizens of Townsend have already stated, twice. NO NEW TAXES.

Now, the ensuing powers to be, again in their infinite wisdom, threaten us with reduction of services if they don't get their way. Some people may be laid off -- they might have to experience some of the difficulties of the real world.

Wake up. People are losing homes, savings, jobs, taking salary cuts and whatever it takes to adjust their lives, needs and wants to accommodate the present day economics of everyday life. I am sure that the budget constraints might entail some cuts and management decisions -- the things that the citizens have been experiencing all along.

It is unfair and presumptuous to ask them again to should the burden for mismanagement decisions. If you cannot make ends meet now, what will next year bring? Another plea for more money?

Please be assured that the citizenry of Townsend face the same challenges every day, higher food prices, rising energy costs. We do not need a higher tax base on real estate that has declined as much as 30 percent in value while our assessment values stay the same.