As an 80-year-old independent voter, here are a a few of my reasons for voting for Scott Brown for Senator and not for you.

No, Elizabeth Warren, you were not born at Harvard. As I understand it, you were born and raised in Oklahoma. The first time I saw you on TV, you stated that you were an "OK-ie" from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. I remember thinking "Why would any Bay Stater vote for an "OK-ie" as their senator when there is a Massachusetts born and bred -- Scott Brown -- running? Shouldn't you be running in Oklahoma?

Next, I saw a political ad with you and the President. He was extolling your virtues and how the new Consumer Protection Agency was your brainchild. That ad seems to have disappeared once people seemed to be questioning it. If you were so intelligent, why did he not name you to head up this new agency. It appears you were too liberal even for Washington.

Then the fact that in the 90's, you and your family engaged in flipping houses. You made a lot of money on the backs of those less fortunate families who had lost their houses. Were you a Real Estate agent?

Also, there is the fact that you represented yourself to Harvard and several other institutions as a minority (i.e.: Native American, without any verification). It must have been lonely being the only Native American at those institutions.

You lament the fact that students have so much debt when they graduate. Maybe fewer professors receiving $360,000 for four hours per week, as you do, might help!

Lastly, you want to run against Romney and not Brown.


Yes, General Motors is alive and well but so is Ford without costing the taxpayers billions in bailout money. Ford is a great example that business is better off without government interference.

Scott Brown has been doing the job we sent him to Washington to do without "blood and teeth on the floor" as you stated needed to be done to those who disagree with you! He is the voice of sanity in a Washington that's already on the brink.

My name is Anne Frey and I approve this message.


West Townsend