On Sept.15, Ayer Town Hall became a sea of smiling faces as families came together to share their Boomtown cowboy and cowgirl experiences during Rex Trailer's 84th birthday celebration. The Ayer Cultural Council sponsorship of this once in a lifetime birthday celebration plus the efforts of many volunteers and sponsors turned an idea into a reality of good memories, good times, and goodwill for our town.

Ayer not only shined with its beautifully vaulted and staged Grand Hall in our splendidly designed Town Hall, but Rex's birthday celebration benefited downtown Ayer businesses by flooding hundreds of new and old friends onto our train station, streets, and sidewalks as they passed to and from Town Hall. Everyone saw up close what Ayer has to offer.

Ayer has every resource available to bring diverse acts, music, and entertainment to our community. Our Town Hall is architecturally beautiful and the second floor Grand Hall is unique in its architectural style with vaulted ceilings, cathedral designed windows, Victorian era chandeliers, and a large well lit stage, which can accommodate large and small acts. Ayer has commuter train access via a rail route throughout Massachusetts that can transport people from north, south, east, and west of Ayer. Our downtown is walkable and has enough restaurants and shops to meet the needs of all who come. Ayer Public Access Channel has the skill, talent, and resources to record every act and festivity. Ayer has everything it needs and more.


The Rex Trailer birthday celebration demonstrated Ayer's talent in putting together first class entertainment. It is hard to imagine Dr. James Cook Ayer, the town's namesake whose portrait hangs over the Grand Hall stage where the birthday celebration happened, being more proud of what happened that day in our Town Hall. Hopefully, the success of this grand celebration will become the catalyst for many more shows, which will magnify our cultural opportunities by using the unlimited potential of our imagination.

Ayer shined bright for Rex Trailer that day. Let's hope his birthday celebration sparks a renaissance of wonderful community events in our beautiful Town Hall. On his 84th birthday, Rex Trailer sang with us one of his most popular songs, "I Appreciate You." Let's take a moment of time from our busy schedules and say, "We appreciate you" to all those who helped bring us Rex. Everyone who participated, including Rex's audience on that day of magic, deserves our very best wishes for a job well done in helping showcase Ayer at its very best.