During one of the 2011 presidential primary debates, the moderator addressed Mitt Romney, asking about his plan to restrict contraception. The apparently perplexed former governor responded "nobody is doing that." Fast forward to the 2012 Democratic National Convention when we heard both Sandra Fluke and Caroline Kennedy clambering for taxpayer-funded contraception under the umbrella of reproductive health-care rights.

We also saw the progressive platform touting abortion on demand, any time during the pregnancy. Please note that neither speaker mentioned financial aid for infertility treatments. We saw Elizabeth Warren threatening that under a Republican administration women would be reduced to a subservient and docile role.

These points represent the progressive collective figment of the imagination. Roe vs. Wade is the law of the land. Congress has the responsibility for legislation and both Jon Golnik and Scott Brown are moderate Republicans who will not vote to overturn the law. No president has the authority to declare a law null and void. Constant repetition of inaccurate statements from the far left neither validates nor corrects the error.

In reality, we all face a chronic high unemployment rate, the $16 trillion deficit, a massive tax increase in January 2013, and a declining standard of living. We may have been in dire circumstances when President Obama took the oath of office in January of 2008, but he exacerbated instead of resolved the problems.


Americans, regardless of gender, see higher gas prices and higher grocery bills every week. Analysts may choose to ignore these prices when considering the rate of inflation but that choice neither makes these prices invisible or nonexistent. The liberal/progressive policies under President Obama have created war on the American people.

Jon Golnik, Scott Brown and Mitt Romney are leaders of experience and integrity. They value the role of small government, independence, and the dignity and pride that accompanies work well done. Under their stewardship, America will return to a position of productivity, prominence and prosperity. ote for Jon Golnik, Scott Brown and Mitt Romney on Nov. 6.