We are writing this letter in support of the Ayer-Shirley Regional School District's proposed plan to renovate the high school building. As graduates of Ayer High School and lifelong residents of both Ayer and Shirley, we feel that the renovation project is critical to the success of our two towns and the future of those who will attend the Ayer-Shirley Regional High School.

The two-to-two matching funds from the Massachusetts School Building Authority makes the renovation an affordable option, and will cost considerably less than if we, without the support of MSBA, make only minimal repairs. We want to reverse the current trend of parents "choicing out" Ayer and Shirley children, costing taxpayers upwards of over $3 million a year. Let's keep that income where it belongs -- in the ASRSD. Borrowing rates and construction costs are at historic lows. Now is the time to act. Ayer and Shirley residents: Let's do this together.


Shirley resident


Ayer resident